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  • Racial Depictions of Jesus Christ – YouTube

    I was walking through a park the other day when I happened upon a piece of Christian literature. I was so surprised by what I found that it inspired me to make this video. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to make new videos. I had to produce this one pretty quickly and I rely on third party content. However, I had a lot of good clips I’ve been wanting to share, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

    Take note that several scenes featured in this video comes from the eight-part BBC miniseries “Around the World in 80 Faiths”, which has been uploaded to my secondary channel, DRCited. This is a great series for anyone interested in learning about various religions from around the world — please check it out!


    Around the World in 80 Faiths (DRCited – Table of Contents)

    Jesus is …. GloZell

    The Most Beautiful City on Earth – Seoul

    Witchcraft In The South Korean Church (discernment video)

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