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Listening to Rick Santorum’s “Concession/Victory” speech this evening I could help but wonder about how he could be so confused and misguided about energy. Oh yeah, I forgot,  this is Rick Mr. Anti-Science Santorum were talking about.


  • Gingrich: Santorum ‘Strongly Overreacted’ To JFK’s Religion Speech | ThinkProgress
  • Hullabaloo: Dow Hits 13,000 under Class Warfare President

    I personally detest the use of stock indices as a measure of economic health. In an age where the top 1% who own the vast majority of stock investments are so utterly disconnected from the rest of us, cheering the rise of the Dow is about as useful as cheering discounted prices on yachts. Sure, a rising market helps 401Ks (for what that’s worth) and can sometimes be a predictor of lagging employment increases—though given our increasingly jobless recoveries, the latter is less and less true. But generally speaking, a healthier stock market doesn’t mean a whole lot to the rest of us…

    Still, Wall Street has a nice psychological gain to cheer about today.

    Not that it will matter, of course. Our neoliberal president, who has done essentially everything the Bond Lords asked for, will still get smeared from now through November as a radical class warrior because he once dared to hurt their widdle feelings by calling them fat cats that one time. [read the compete article…]

    (a H/T to Ryking)

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