• Cantor’s Best Policy Is Politics – Bloomberg

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor gave what was billed as a major policy speech today at the American Enterprise Institute. The policy specifics in the approximately 4,600-word speechamounted to pretty thin gruel. Instead, the speech was almost entirely about repositioning Cantor and the Republican Party politically. And that may make it the most important Republican policy speech in quite a while…(read the complete article…)


  • Holier than thou conservative right wing statistician numerologist William Briggs gives us his opinion saying: E-books Will Lead To A Decrease In Reading | William M. Briggs.

    …Overall and soon, e-books will cause a decrease in number of books sold. It will be difficult to peg the decline of reading on e-books, though, because people on average are reading less. Here, “on average” means that people who own e-book readers generally now read more titles, but the percentage of citizens who read is itself declining and will continue to do so.

    Where he says “…that people who own e-book readers generally now read more titles” I think that may very well be true because in my case while I have always read a lot with the advent of e-readers I certainly do read more. Still on the whole I question his opinion.

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