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    Since I’ve mentioned both the nonsense that passes for economic analysis at CNBC and Joe Weisenthal, I should highlight this JW interview with Bill McBride, aka Calculated Risk. It’s a great piece — and I’m not just saying this because McBride has nice things to say about me and, even better, shows appropriate contempt for Zero Hedge.

    CR is an example of the sort of economic reporting and analysis people would be following if they really wanted to know what was happening, rather than “reporting” that reinforces their prejudices. (But enter CR’s comment threads at your own risk — the usual suspects show up in force). CR’s analysis, more than anyone else’s, gave me a heads-up on the housing bubble, and has helped me along the way on many other issues.

    But as I said, this kind of analysis seems to be a minority taste. Although you do have to wonder: what would really happen if someone set up a Serious Business channel?

  • Bill McBride Of Calculated Risk – Business Insider

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