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Watching the NBC/Facebook debate this morning I listened to a idioitc comment whinning complaint regarding the EPA’s efforts to regulate of dust in Iowa. A classic example of Republican Anti-Science naiveté. I wondering if the so-called Historian Gingrich ever heard of the Dust Bowl or read or watched The Grapes of Wrath. And that is only a small part of the problems that dust and particulate matter can create. And so searching for some more background on Newts scientific ignorance…

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  • Can Candidate Thou Shalt Not Catch Romney? | Resurgence | Big Think

    To call Rick Santorum a spectacularly awful presidential candidate would actually be too kind. As the Don Quixote of the Republican Party, Candidate Thou Shalt Not insists on tilting at windmills that ceased to exist long ago. Newsflash to the Santorum campaign—the GOP is selecting a presidential candidate, not the next pope. In case Candidate Thou Shalt Not is a little confused about religious freedom doctrine enshrined in our constitution, it also includes right to be free from influence of a particular religious creed.

    It is painful to watch Santorum proselytize about putting the genie back in the bottle when it comes to modern contraception. It is excruciating to listen to the ludicrous explanation Santorum concoctsto explain why President Obama is wrong for promoting more access to college educations for America’s youth.

    And yet even as Santorum continues day by day to break new ground in advancing the most ridiculous of notions, hardline conservative factions are thinking seriously about advocating the abandonment of Gingrich and Perry to come together to back Santorum’s candidacy from here on in as the one true conservative left in the race. Selling Candidate Thou Shalt Not to independent voters will become increasingly difficult, if not downright impossible, the more he opens his mouth.

    If these utterly myopic conservatives of the Republican Party decide to hitch their wagon to Santorum, this will be the culmination of the last three years that began with Anybody But Obama, devolved to Anybody But Romney, and is now flirting heavily with the latest Republican theme for the 2012 election season, Any Christian White Man With A Suit.

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  • Evangelicals Consider Pushing Gingrich, Perry To Drop Out And Back Santorum

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  • Edwin Kagin Abortion Satan Atheism | Blasphemous Blogging


    There is a movement afoot in America to prevent pregnant women from deciding whether or not to have a baby.  The control freaks who advocate this view characterize their beliefs as “pro-life” or “right to life.”  Those who hold that they, and not the woman, should decide whether to let a fertilized egg develop into a living child share a common mythology.  It goes roughly thus:  all life comes from the deity.  The deity gives life, and every zygote is imbued by the creator deity with an “immortal soul” (a concept found nowhere in the Bible).  Microscopic products of conception are perceived to be persons vested by the deity with the right to be born.  The exercise of rational reproductive choice in obtaining an abortion is viewed as the murder of a person.

    The mythology is powerful enough that its advocates think they can ignore the laws of nations and impose their will on those who disagree.  Basically, they have initiated a holy war–us against them, good verses evil, we are right and you are wrong–the same primitive absolutism and lust for power over others that produced the Crusades.  Moralists have declared war on reason.  With aborted fetuses enblasoned on their shields and chastity belts secured, the armies of God, like ancient pestilence, are marching to stop       forbidden sex and to ensure all products of ill advised copulation be born.  The births proclaim the truth that the only reason sex is lawful at all is to make God’s babies.

    According to the theocratic understanding of biology of the anti-choice movement, at the moment the sperm penetrates the egg, the mythical “soul” is placed in the zygote, presumably whether it is in a uterus or a petri dish.  That which God has infused with soul may not be removed by the mere mortal choice of not wanting a baby.  This notion of a soul inhabiting a collection of cells that may, barring accident, abortion, or whatever, become a child is rather new in mythological thought and bears analysis.

    There must be a soul bank somewhere for the almighty to draw from to implant the soul moments after male orgasm (female orgasm is unnecessary for this or any other reproductive function, and is therefore discouraged), or the heavenly power must create new souls in a soul shop for all of the fertilizations. [read on…]


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