Umair Haque wrties:

Do you think it’s just a coincidence that people in (gasp) “socialist” countries like Sweden and France are richer, enjoying higher living standards, by a long way, than Americans? Did a giant meteor made of gold hit them? Nope. The reason is that socialism, social democracy, makes you wealthy.. . Now, this is outrageous and bewildering for Americans to hear — but America’s like the Soviet Union now: living in a parallel world, carefully constructed of ideologies and fairy tales, utterly divorced from reality, the world, truth. But the truth doesn’t care what the average Americans believes. It just is

Why Americans Get Socialism and Capitalism Backwards

It was a very entertaining and funny comment, simmering with rage, boiling with entitlement. “If you’re such a socialist, why don’t you tell us how much you give to charity!” Listen. The only things I believe in are disco and chocolate. I’m not a democrat, a libertarian, a conservative, a socialist, an anything political.

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