Why Bernie Sanders’ radicalism can take out Trump | Nathan Robinson

When it comes to beating Trump, the Vermont senator is the person for the job. Nobody else comes close

Some key points from the article…

—“…even those who do not share Democratic socialist instincts should get behind Sanders. He’s a pragmatic choice. Nobody is better positioned to take on Donald Trump. Sanders has name recognition and widespread popularity. He knows how to campaign well, has a network of organizers, and can pack stadiums. He does well at town halls and in debates against Republicans.


Since 2016, polls consistently show him beating Trump. Initially, there were those who doubted these numbers, saying that as voters got to know Sanders they would turn away from his radicalism. This turned out to be false. As voters got to know him, they liked him…”—


—“…Sanders has an unusual advantage against Trump: he’s capable of effectively countering the type of nationalist populism that elevated Trump to office, by offering a more hopeful and heartfelt appeal to popular instincts. He is capable of going to working-class communities and speaking to people without seeming patronizing or insincere. He does particularly well in the midwest, the exact areas that were so critical to Trump’s victory…”—


—“…Sanders is the perfect weapon against Trump’s plutocratic “populism”. He has experience, skill and principles. People like him and trust him, even when they don’t completely share his politics.


What’s more, this moment in history calls for radicalism – issues like climate change, runaway corporate power, racial inequity cannot be solved by someone with only a tepid commitment to political change. This is Bernie’s time, and both progressives and moderates alike should rally behind his candidacy.”—

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